Welcome to my website. I am an education researcher and writer specialising in philosophy of education, citizenship and social justice. I created this website to promote learning and collaboration around the theme of social justice in education. The site started as a collaborative blogging platform, meaning some of the original posts are written by other contributors.

Why curriculum for equity?

I am based in Scotland and have been working in education since Curriculum of Excellence was implemented. During that time I have developed a view of education that sees its purposes in relation to the pursuit of social justice. ‘Excellence’ in the form of academic standards is important of course, however, this can be reduced to an understanding of attaining grades in standardised tests or other performative measures. I want to learn about the role of education in the broader sense of pursuing social justice. Curriculum for Equity seemed like a good way of communicating that intention.

This site provides an opportunity to learn about the broader contextual issues that inform educational policy and practice: poverty, privilege, power, identities, economic and political issues, globalisation, neoliberalism, community contexts, to name a few. This is in recognition of research findings that show “around 80% of the difference in how well children do at school is dependent on what happens outside the school gates.” (Rasbash et al 2010 cited in Too Young to Fail – Save the Children).

If you are reading this, you probably care about education, children and young people, and you might feel frustrated by injustice in some form or another. This website is a small attempt to try and do something about it. Please use it in whatever way you find useful, creative and interesting.

*Please see the Hopeful Childhoods website for a collaborative, interdisciplinary perspective on childhood and social justice*