“Mind the Gap!” by Ken Cunningham CBE

by Ken Cunningham CBE Visiting with some Texan friends in London the other weekend, I was forcibly reminded of a phrase that you can’t ignore as you travel round the London metro system – “Mind the gap” – spoken and frequently writ large! It all washed over me but to my American friends it wasContinue reading ““Mind the Gap!” by Ken Cunningham CBE”

Excellence with Equity: An Educational Imperative by Avis Glaze

by Dr. Avis Glaze Edu-quest International Inc. Canada As an educator for almost four decades, one of the areas that has concerned me most is the question of whether or not we can achieve both excellence and equity in school systems today. I have a strong belief that we cannot truly say that we haveContinue reading “Excellence with Equity: An Educational Imperative by Avis Glaze”