Curriculum for equity: the journey so far

by Gary Walsh The intention of this post is to summarise some of the insights shared on the Curriculum for Equity platform to date and to suggest some themes to focus on going forward. I created the Curriculum for Equity website and Twitter account towards the end of 2015. Part of the motivation for doing it was aContinue reading “Curriculum for equity: the journey so far”

Getting involved with Curriculum for Equity

Curriculum for Equity is an experiment. The idea is to find out if and how a collaborative blog for educators, researchers and other professionals could contribute to the aims of equity and social justice. See About Curriculum for Equity for more details. If you are a researcher/academic interested in this area, you could submit a pieceContinue reading “Getting involved with Curriculum for Equity”

A Curriculum for Equity: Part 1

by Gary Walsh Chris, Croissants & Oysters I attended the rather excellent SELMAS 2015 conference in November. You can read a summary of the event as it happened here. In this post I would like to offer some reflections I have had since it took place, and to provide some context for a concept that cameContinue reading “A Curriculum for Equity: Part 1”