The Scottish Government’s holistic education policy: a story of profound success or failure?

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The Scottish Government experience of education can give us all a profound lesson, but I’m not yet sure what that lesson will be. The positive lesson might be that you can have a holistic approach to education provision, which has a strategy for childcare, early years,…

Scottish education: sleepwalking into the abyss

by Gary Walsh I am writing this post as a challenge to the narrative developing in Scottish education circles at the moment. I believe that we are in danger of sleepwalking into an abyss of ill-conceived reform based on an impoverished understanding of the purposes of education, confusion about the meaning of equity in that context, and a politicisationContinue reading “Scottish education: sleepwalking into the abyss”

Resetting the dial:- 5As for Scottish Education: the answer to all our problems?

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First and foremost many thanks to those who have emailed, called, DM tweeted and facebooked in response to my first three blogs on the current position on Scottish education. I also got a message from one teacher’s father who said she was greatly inspired by the blogs!  Truly parental engagement!  What…

Piecing together the Jigsaw: Common Weal and Edinburgh University childhood project

by Common Weal (see original post here – used with permission) ‘Piecing together the Jigsaw: Connecting the politics of childhood poverty, education and welfare’ will start with a Policy Lab looking at the specific ways in which poverty affects children and young people. THE link between poverty and underachievement is undeniable but there is still limited agreement onContinue reading “Piecing together the Jigsaw: Common Weal and Edinburgh University childhood project”

Equity and Education: Musings from Mandy

by Mandy Davidson Equity is the key 21st century educational message but to an ordinary teacher this will mean different things depending upon the make-up of their classes. If we want “all children and young people in Scotland to flourish and thrive”[1] we have to address how we teach all children and young people and not justContinue reading “Equity and Education: Musings from Mandy”

The disadvantage ‘gap’ is a chasm. Part 1.

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Image source: In the 18 months that I’ve been working at Highbury Grove, I’ve learned a great deal about the complexity of the community that my school serves.  As the acting Designated Child Protection Officer for the last few weeks, I’ve learned even more.  The scale on the axis of advantage…

Delivering excellence and equity – some commentary on Scotland’s national education plan

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The post-election period in 2016 has heralded a flurry of activity from the re-elected SNP and the appointment of a new Cabinet Secretary for Education. The next year or two will see policy development that puts education at the forefront of the nation’s priorities, all underpinned by the stated…

Taking notes 60: why teachers matter in dark times

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[Credit: Joe Magee.] by Henry A. Giroux Americans live in a historical moment that annihilates thought. Ignorance now provides a sense of community; the brain has migrated to the dark pit of the spectacle; the only discourse that matters is about business; poverty is now viewed as a technical…