Getting involved with Curriculum for Equity

Curriculum for Equity is an experiment. The idea is to find out if and how a collaborative blog for educators, researchers and other professionals could contribute to the aims of equity and social justice. See About Curriculum for Equity for more details.

If you are a researcher/academic interested in this area, you could submit a piece that signposts readers to your findings and examples of practice you have uncovered in your work. A great example is this paper from Richard Niesche and Amanda Keddie of University of Queensland, Australia: Foregrounding issues of equity and diversity in educational leadership. The paper outlines one secondary school’s approach to equity, including an ‘Equity Action Group’.

If you are a practising educator (all those from formal and informal settings are welcome), you could share stories, ideas and practice, you could ask questions and share the findings of your own enquiries. A great example is this article from Robert MacMillan (Principal Teacher of Social Studies at Lochgelly High School in Fife, Scotland) in his address to the Scottish Secondary Teacher’s Association: End Child Poverty.

Pieces like these are the inspiration for the creation of the Curriculum for Equity website. It is so easy to feel dis-empowered by the prevailing lack of fairness and justice. We can get run down dealing with the very effects of inequity in our day jobs, we can get fed up with politicians using terms such as ‘social justice’ in order to further their own agendas or careers, and we can feel overwhelmed by the global scale of the challenges facing us.

This is why sharing these thoughts and engaging in dialogue is so vital. We are one, global and knowledgeable community with a common goal in ensuring the best for children, young people and indeed people of all ages. We need to get better at challenging the status quo and being active, critical advocates for equity and social justice.

This website could just be the thing that connects an educator with a researcher, resulting in meaningful collaboration towards that common goal. Or it could result in an idea such as an ‘Equity Action Group’ being created in a school on the other side of the world.

Please leave a comment anywhere on the site or send a brief message via the Contact page if you would like to write a piece for the Curriculum for Equity website. You could also suggest a potential blogger, a topic you would like to see covered, or a question you would like explored.

Let’s get cracking.


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